Who are we?

We are a consulting firm specialized on natural gas transportation infrastructure. We have experience developing thousands of miles of natural gas pipelines for the public and private sector in Latin America.
We have a deep understanding of the energy industry.
Our objective is to provide our customers with tools that will help them achieve business efficiency and an optimal use of their resources. Our tools and methodology enable us to deliver immediate and reliable results based on our customers' needs.
Our philosophy is to build tools that anyone can understand and use to analyze complicated topics, leaving complex processes behind the scene.

Accurate. Fast. Easy to use.


DeveloPipeline is a service that provides a complete feasibility assessment regarding Natural Gas Pipeline projects based on Client’s requirements.
Results provide the following information:

  • Simultaneous hydraulic simulation for multiple pipeline diameters
  • Pipeline diameter selection based on technical feasibility
  • Compression Station Sizing
  • Investment Cost Estimation (CAPEX)
  • Operation and Maintenance Cost Estimation (OPEX)
  • The inputs to be provided are:

  • Pipeline route (.kml file from Google Earth)
  • Technical information (Natural Gas Capacity, Receiving Pressure, Delivery Pressure...)
  • Unit cost Indexes (Steel Prices, Natural Gas Prices…)
  • The Tool

    DeveloPipeline is focused on making the right decisions in the early stages of a project. A project designed without considering costs along the project's life cycle, is a project that will require changes during its implementation, and these changes are usually very expensive.


  • Multiple and simultaneous pipe diameter simulation
  • Immediate and reliable results
  • Cost savings vs. similar analyses
  • Clear and detailed reports.
  • Sensitivity of long run cost, depending on changes of the route or the project´s technical features
  • The Gas Industry

    Currently there are several techniques to extract Shale Gas. As a result, natural gas prices are becoming attractive for the long run. Hence, many industrial processes are being converted to consume natural gas instead of other fuels.
    There are several techniques to transport natural gas, but pipelines are the most suitable solution for relatively long distances. Technical and economic feasibility analyses are essential to develop business models for pipeline projects. However, these analyses often require expensive software and could take weeks; DeveloPipeline instead offers an economic, immediate and reliable solution.

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